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Weekday Activities


Monday - Friday we are open from 10am-5pm. School groups are present Wednesday - Friday.

There is a $5 parking fee per vehicle. (Enjoy free parking on Mondays!) You will pay this fee at the Entrance Booth. Cash only, please!

Most of our activities require tickets to participate. During the week you may purchase tickets in the Greenhouse and Info Booth. Tickets are $1.00 each and non-refundable.



Prices Vary (tickets not accepted as currency)


If you get hungry or thirsty, stop by the food barn for all kinds of goodies! We've got corn dogs, hot dogs, chili fries, burgers, and more! If you've got a sweet tooth, we can take care of that as well. Elephant ears,  and slushies are among our sweeter menu. Prices range from $1 - $5 per item.



1 ticket per person


Children one year old and under are free! Hayrides during the weekday load up near the Greenhouse/Nursery, and run about every 15-20 minutes. It will take you out to the patch to gather your pumpkins, come back around a little later to pick you up, and bring you back to the Greenhouse. This is where you will pay for the pumpkins you have chosen. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted at the Greenhouse.


Rubber Ducky Races

1 ticket per child, per race

Line up at our old-fashion water pumps and race rubber duckies! When children pump the well, the water rushes up to push the duckies down the pipe lanes. See who can pump the fastest!



1 ticket per person


The kiddiepillar is a giant, inflatable caterpillar that young children can crawl through. Children enter the front of the caterpillar and come out the end. Shoes are not permitted to be worn inside and must be removed prior to entry. Shoes are kept at the front of the inflatable by the staff member overseeing the activity.


Haunted House

2 tickets per person

This giant, inflatable haunted house is child-friendly. It is a small, easy to navigate maze with inflatable ghosts, vampires, etc., throughout. Adults may enter with their children for the same ticket cost if they desire. Be assured that nothing in this haunted house can injure children. There are no traps, actors, or any other intense props.


Haunted Hoophouse Maze

2 ticket per person


Our "haunted" little straw maze is just for kids! Parents can come along, too, of course! This maze fills our hoop house and is full of spooky tidbits. Parents who wish to enter with their children must pay the 1 ticket fee as well.



Pumpkin Train

2 tickets per child


This train is built especially just for children. Sorry, no adults allowed! Riders sit in our "pumpkin" barrels that are attached to small tractor that drives in a nice and slow circle. The path goes around the jumping pillow and hoop house, through a small covered bridge and over a stream. Adults may walk by the train for some of the ride if they desire.

Please note there are no seat belts or restraints to keep children inside the barrels. Children riding must understand not to stand in or exit the barrel until it has come to a full and complete stop.

This activity is suitable for children 2 - 10 years of age.


Jumping Pillow

3 tickets per person


This activity is exactly what it sounds like. This giant jumping pillow is like a bounce house without the sides. It is surrounded by sand to cushion jumpers who may roll off the edge.

This activity is suitable for children 2 years of age and up. Even teenagers and adults may jump! Parents, please watch out for your little ones. The staff member appointed to watch the pillow will do their best to keep every participant from rough housing and causing harm to others, but we need your help, too! Please do not leave your children unattended for any amount of time on the Jumping Pillow. Parents who wish to jump with their children must pay the 3 ticket fee as well.


Pedal Cars

3 tickets per person


Goold ol' fashioned pedal power! Kids can hop on our pedal cars and race around the track. It's harder than it looks!


Playground Equipment


Our playground equipment is free to families who are visiting the farm. We have swings, a fort, a slide, and big ol' tractor tires for children to climb on. We even have a small tractor buried into the ground for curious kids to check out!

This activity is suitable for children 2 - 12 years of age. Parents, please watch out for your little ones! The Playground Equipment does not have an appointed staff member and is unattended.


Straw Pile


It may look like just a bunch of straw...because it is! The straw pile is also free to families who are visiting the farm.

This activity is suitable for children 2 years of age and up. Parents, please watch out for your little ones! The Straw Pile does not have an appointed staff member and is unattended. Please do not leave your children unattended for any amount of time on the Straw Pile.


Farm Animals



Come out and see all of our adorable farm animals! We've got all kinds of furry and feathered friends for you to meet. Goats, donkeys, rabbits, chickens, and more!

Please be aware that some animals may bite! Petting or handling the rabbits, chickens, or ducks is discouraged. Please use common sense! If an animal looks like it doesn't want to be bothered it is best to leave it alone.

There is a feeding station nearby so that families may feed the donkeys and goats. Remember, keep your palms flat! Doing so will keep them from accidentally nipping hands. There is also a hand sanitizer station nearby so you may clean your hands afterward.

Parents, please watch your children and teenagers around the animals. Do not let them chase, tease, or hurt any of our furry friends. They are apart of our family, too!

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